Should You Use The Word "No" When Training Your Dog?

The problem with using the word "No" when training your dog is that it suggests that your dog understands or can be taught to understand right from wrong, and that he can then learn to make a good moral decision to stop doing the undesirable behaviour, because he wants to be a good dog. But dogs don't work that way. (Good luck trying to explain this to your nan that about her precious bow-tie wearing Shih-tzu who has won rosettes for having the waggiest tail.)

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Crazy Animal Lover

It's every child's dream to have dog.

As a child I was obsessed with dinosaurs. In fact Triops, or "living fossils", were my first live pets.

Before that I had a pet stone that was painted as a seal and kept in my pocket for luck.

I wasn't allowed to have a dog.

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