Introducing Juniper's Journal

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First of all… A very happy New Year to you all

Isn’t the New Year a great time to set goals and think positively? It always feels like a wonderful fresh start and an opportunity to get back on track with all of the things that we want to achieve in our lives, but might not yet have got round to starting. Of course we can set goals and make fresh starts at any time of the year, but for some reason the beginning of a new year is much more exciting, and holds all kinds of unknown possibilities and potential.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Juniper and I am the scruffy mutt who inspires rather a lot of my human’s work. That cat you see in the illustration above is Fig, he is my feline brother, who likes to steal all kinds of things from me, like my bed, my food, and your attention… Ahem! Back to me, thank you.

My goal for 2019 goes hand in hand quite nicely with one of my human’s goals. She is a writer and an artist, and it has always been her dream to be a published author, and to write and illustrate her own books. So I came up with this awesome idea for us to collaborate on a project - an illustrated journal of all of my very important thoughts and adventures. I don’t actually have that many adventures to be honest, but hey, it’s a new year, so that’s another thing that can be added to my list of goals.

The problem is that my human is not very comfortable with drawing me. For some reason she just finds it very difficult because she is, as she puts it, too close to me. Well step away a bit, I suggested, but she said that’s not really what she means. I wasn’t ready to give up on my marvellous idea though, which includes her doing LOTS of drawings of me, so I reminded her kindly that it is good to challenge yourself, as it helps you to grow. I knew that she couldn’t disagree with that because it’s something she tells me every time we pass a cat on our walks, and I want to freak out but have been encouraged to face my demons and pass by with some self respect.

After much deliberation we have come to an agreement. My human will illustrate my journal for me in exchange for me posing for lots of shots while she gets to grips with a new camera she treated herself to for the New Year. I’m actually very good at posing, I have the cocked head down to a fine art, and if this means she will be filling my Instagram feed with beautiful portraits of me (which means I get to make more online fur friends) then who am I to complain? I have always wanted to be a dog model.

I’m not sure where this project will take us, but I am hoping that this time next year we will have enough drawings to create a fun little book, and then all of our dreams will come true, my human will be a published illustrator and author, and I will be famous, and adored more than the cat.

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Here’s to a New Year FULL of possibilities, potential and pet love! Happy 2019


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