Opulent Mutts Family Taking Over at Pets Pyjamas



It felt like a real "Family Event" at work this weekend - Not only did I have my Juniper with me in the Pets Pyjamas office as usual, I also had my niece!

My niece, who is 10, was beside herself with joy when she learnt that she would have to come to work with me this weekend. As her aunty, I am in her eyes, the "bee's knees", or as some would say "the cat's pyjamas" (pet's pyjamas in this case). I am an ethereal deity, a person of great importance, I might even go as far to say... a role model!

I'm not really into kids, I'm more of an animals kinda gal, but I honestly don't mind being around my starry eyed niece, she makes me feel awesome. So it was quite the novelty to bring her into work with me, although a shame that the circumstances were somewhat more sombre. My sister is staying in hospital for two weeks, and so I have had to step into her "mum" shoes. Don't worry she is okay, and my niece is a real trouper.

The first thing my niece said to me when she arrived at The Pets Pyjamas office in Shorditch was - "Wow, this was not what I had expected". I suppose I take for granted what a cool place I get to work in, because I am there every weekend and it has become the norm, but my niece's reaction reminded me of my own reaction when I first came to the office for my interview.

I had been in awe, and my initial thoughts were - Why on earth is this cool place being used as offices? It should be a gallery space! - There is something inspiring about working in a place with exposed brick walls, large open plan mezzanine space and high ceilings. It has that trendy warehouse vibe that I really like. I do find myself fantasising during lunch breaks about being able to rent one of the top spaces as my own gritty inner city apartment, and make it into a live/work art studio, complete with easels by the huge windows and dust sheets all over the raw and rustic wooden floorboards - absolute heaven.

I showed my niece around and introduced her to our small weekend team. She was a little bit intimidated, bless her, but she soon settled in, and has now decided that when she is old enough she might like to apply for a job at Pets Pyjamas, no doubt because she is eager to follow in her super cool Aunty Zara's footsteps.

If you are new to my blog, I work part-time at Pets Pyjamas as a pet friendly travel consultant. My job is to to help people with pets find great dog friendly holiday accommodation, mainly in the UK. If you have a pet and would like to take them with you on your next holiday, head over to Pets Pyjamas to book your next hotel or cottage, because there are some great perks. You might even get to chat to me - I have a great telephone manner *wink wink*. (That's not an affiliate link by the way, and I don't work on commission.)

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