How it works...


I offer two different styles of custom art - "Pet Studies" and "Digital Drawings" - You can click on the links below to view examples in each gallery.

Pet Studies

Pet Studies are loose expressive sketches. I draw onto paper using ink and soluble graphite for smaller drawings, and also often using soluble carbon and charcoal for larger drawings to add more depth and texture.

You can commission single Pet Studies with various size options, or my signature "Collection of Pet Studies" with makes a very unique bespoke gift for anyone who owns a pet, and is also a great way to commission a collection of drawings to make a beautiful display of art in your home.

Digital Drawings

Digital Drawings are more detailed portrait style drawings. I draw using a stylus onto a digital device, and the file is professionally printed using archival inks and museum quality papers.

You have added options of ordered extra prints, mounting and framing, and sharing your digital file on social media.

I offer two different styles of Digital Drawing, one with a more sketchy vibe, and the other with a more black and white modern style.



Find out more about the individual custom art services I offer and also my pricing by visiting my SHOP.

To begin the commission process please contact me first with any questions or requests, and we can go from there.