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London PUPPY Care
By Opulent Mutts

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Hi, my name is Zara M. 

I have 4 years experience working with puppies. This includes volunteering at a variety of puppy socialisation classes and a dog training school in London, and also running my Puppy Care business, which includes supporting your new pup's basic training & socialisation.

I have my own 4 year old dog Juniper, she is a small mixed breed dog with chinese-crested, jack russell and poodle in her. I also have a 2 year old cornish rex cat called Fig. You can check them out on Instagram @opulentmutts , @juniperandfig and @figthecornishrexcat.

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I love my work because I get to enjoy building a bond with your pets and support you with their development. I care about animal welfare and I aim to be a responsible pet owner. I believe in treating animals with respect, training using positive reinforcement methods, and providing plenty of exercise and mental stimulation for happy and healthy family pets.


Puppy Sitting
£45 per day in your home


My Puppy Care Service is perfect for new puppy parents who need someone to help settle in a furry little newcomer, get them used to their environment and daily routine, and provide support with basic training and socialisation.

I spend up to 6 hours in your home providing your new puppy with cuddles, play and short training sessions to help you with the basics.

We can get your pup's toilet training off to the best start, and practice basic commands and good behaviour in the house. I will make sure they are getting all the rest they need for their healthy growth and development - puppies need to sleep for the majority of the day, but their waking hours are little windows of opportunity, and I will be there to direct and reward all the good behaviours that you want them to keep repeating, instead of the bad ones like howling or being destructive because they have been left alone too early.

As they get older and can be left alone for longer periods of time to sleep unsupervised we can transition to a few home visits spread throughout the day so that your pup can learn to accept being left at more regular intervals, and won't develop things like separation anxiety.

Extra Benefits of hiring me as your puppy sitter:

  • As your puppy develops we can take short trips out and about to help support their socialisation, getting used to lots of new sights and sounds.
  • Once they have had all of their vaccinations I can take your puppy out on short walks around the neighbourhood to get them used to walking on the lead. As a guide I will only walk your puppy for 5 minutes per month of their age, as is recommended  for the healthy developments of their bones and joints at this tender stage in their life
  • Your puppy also gets to benefit from me bringing my small older dog along with me to teach them all about good doggie etiquette. Juniper is very patient and an excellent role model for your puppy to learn from.


Home Visits
(for dogs, cats and other pets)
£15 per visit in your home

This service is aimed at older pups who need one or two breaks during the day while you are at work, my home visits offer around 45 minutes of intensive mental stimulation to help your pup settle and sleep until you get home.

During my visits I can feed your dog, clean up any accidents and let them out into the garden for a toilet break, or take them for a short stroll around the block. The rest of the time is spent showering them with attention, playing constructive learning games, and giving them plenty of mental stimulation by teaching fun tricks and basic commands. 

I offer up to three evenly spaced visits throughout the day, so start off with two or three and reduce as your pup gets used to spending more time alone and their toilet training improves. Then your pup should be ready to join a local dog walker's pack.

I can also pop in to spend time with and feed cats, caged pets, birds, fish etc. while you are away. Occasionally I offer sleepover dog care, where I will stay in your home overnight and do home visits spread throughout the day to make sure that your dog is catered for while you are away. Unfortunately I am unable to look after your pets in my own home.

Please note that my availability for home visits is subject to your location and distance from both me and any other clients that I am currently working with. Flexibility is always much appreciated.





Get in touch via the form below, providing as much detail as you can about your pets, where you live, and which of my services you are interested in.

If you are able to let me know what days and hours you need me that would be great so that I can check to see if I have availability, or if I will need to shuffle other clients around. I will be in touch shortly afterwards, and we can have a chat on the phone and arrange an initial meeting.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Zara M


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