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London Pet Care
By Opulent Mutts

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Hello! My name is Zara M. 

I have 4 years experience working with puppies. This includes volunteering at a number of puppy socialisation classes and a dog training school in London, and also running my Puppy Care business, including support with basic training & socialisation.

I have my own 4 year old dog Juniper, she is a small mixed breed dog with chinese-crested, jack russell and poodle genes swimming about in her. I also have a 2 year old cornish rex cat called Fig. You can check them out on Instagram @opulentmutts and @figthecornishrexcat.


I genuinely love and feel very connected to animals. I enjoy building a bond and supporting an animal's development. I care very much about animal welfare and I am an extremely responsible pet owner. I believe in treating animals with respect, training using positive reinforcement methods, and providing plenty of exercise and mental stimulation for happy, healthy family pets.

I also do Pet Portraits!



Puppy Sitting
£45 per day in your home

Perfect for new puppy parents who need someone to help settle in a little newcomer, get them used to their environment and daily routine, and provide support with basic training and socialisation. I spend up to 6 hours in your home providing your new puppy with cuddles, play and short training sessions to help you with the basics. We can get your pup's toilet training off to the best start, and I will make sure they are getting all the rest they need for their healthy growth and development. Your puppy also gets to benefit from me bringing my small older dog along with me to teach them all about good doggie etiquette, and as your puppy develops we can take short trips out and about to help support their socialisation, getting used to lots of new sights and sounds. As your pup's toilet training improves I recommend graduating them onto three evenly spaced home visits (see below) so that they get used to spending more time alone, and then gradually reduce them.


Home Visits
(for dogs, cats and other pets)
£15 per visit in your home

This service is aimed at older pups who need one or two breaks during the day while you are at work, my home visits offer 45 minutes of stimulation to help them settle and sleep until you get home. During my visits I can feed your dog, clean up any accidents and let them out into the garden for a toilet break, or take them for a short stroll around the block. The rest of the time is spent showering them with attention, playing games, and giving them some mental stimulation by teaching fun tricks and basic commands. I offer up to three evenly spaced visits throughout the day, so start off with two or three and reduce as your pup gets used to spending more time alone and their toilet training improves. Then your pup should be ready to graduate to Dog walking (see below)

I can also pop in to spend time with and feed cats, caged pets, birds, fish etc. while you are away.


Dog Walking
£15 up to an hour
£30 City Adventure (2 hours+)

I offer a one-to-one dog walking service (I don't do pack walks, but I do like to bring my own dog along with me occasionally, and for younger puppies there is a strong focus on basic training). Walks will usually last about an hour door to door, although the exact time will depend on where we go, and so we may go over a little on some days. I like to walk dogs in my favourite parks - Highgate Woods, Waterlow Park and Hampstead.

I also like to provide variety (it's the spice of life didn't ya know?) A "City Adventure" provides your dog with plenty of mental stimulation as it allows us extra time to venture further afield and explore new territories - Maybe we will hop on a bus to the Hackney Marshes, or head out to visit pet shops, cafes and markets, and wander around pretty back streets and canals of London where all the good sniffs are to be found! Why not add a City Adventure to your dog's weekly agenda?





Get in touch via the form below, providing as much detail as you can about your pets, where you live, and which of my services you are interested in. If you are able to let me know what days and hours you need me that would be great so that I can check to see if I have availability, or if i will need to shuffle other clients around. I will be in touch shortly afterwards, and we can have a chat on the phone and arrange an initial meeting.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Zara M


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