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London PUPPY Care
By Zara M. | Opulent Mutts

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Zara has had 4 years experience working with puppies. She started off as a new puppy owner attending a course of Sue Evan’s puppy classes, and then went on to gain more experience by volunteering at Sue’s Puppy Socialisation Classes and also Sue’s Dog Training School in London.

Zara has developed her Puppy Care Business, which includes support with basic training & socialisation, in order to help support new puppy owners in offering their pups the best start in life. Zara believes in treating animals with respect, training using positive reinforcement methods, and providing plenty of exercise, boundaries and mental stimulation for happy and healthy family pets.

Zara’s own dog Juniper is a small 4 years old mixed-breed dog with Chinese-Crested Powderpuff, Jack Russell & Poodle in her. She also has a 2 year old Cornish Rex cat called Fig.

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The Puppy Care Package

The Puppy Care Package is perfect for new puppy parents who need someone to help settle in a furry little newcomer, get them used to their environment and daily routine, and provide support with early basic training and socialisation.

Pricing & Payment

A flat rate of £45 is charged per day Monday to Friday or £60 on Saturdays and Sundays. This includes up to 6 consecutive hours of one-to-one puppy care in your own home, with a time schedule to suit your working hours.

The Puppy Care Package Includes . . .

Up to 6 hours per day of one-to-one puppy care in your home while you are at work, providing your new puppy with supervision, cuddles, play and short training sessions to help support you with the basics.

Main Benefits:

  • Your new puppy gets to enjoy settling into their new home, get used to their new routine, and feel safe and secure so that they can build up their confidence.

  • Your pup's toilet training will be monitored and maintained.

  • Your puppy will get the rest they need for healthy growth and development. Puppies need to sleep for a large portion of the day to process all of the information they are absorbing about their world.

  • Your pup gets to practice basic commands and good behaviour in the house consistently throughout the day. Because puppies sleep for so many hours during the day, their waking hours are little windows of opportunity, and Zara will be there to direct and reward all of the good behaviours that you want them to keep repeating, instead of the undesirable ones.

  • To support your pup’s early socialisation they can be taken out and about for little trips, getting them used to things like buses, cafes, people, children and all the wonderful sights and sounds of the city.

  • As your pup gets older they will be left alone to sleep unsupervised at more regular intervals, giving them the opportunity to get used to being left alone, and minimising the development of separation anxiety. This also helps your pup to transition over to a local dog walker or drop-in visits when they are older.

  • Your puppy also gets a great opportunity to learn about good doggie etiquette as Zara often enjoys bringing her own dog Juniper to work with her.

What The Puppy Care Package Does Not Include . . .

Please read the following points to get a clear idea of what Zara’s services do not include to avoid misunderstanding. No offence intended, these points are just to ensure you know what you are paying for. Please feel free to ask any questions.

  • The Puppy Care Package is not aimed at people who work from home and need a new puppy to be occupied or distracted while they work.

  • Zara is not able to look after a puppy in her own home or offer overnight boarding/puppy sitting services.

  • Zara does not offer a dog walking service. As part of the package your puppy will be taken out for short walks in the local area during the day as they get older, but this is strictly limited to 5 minutes per month of the puppy’s age, as is recommended by vets and dog trainers.

  • It is not Zara’s job to tire your puppy out during the day. It is normal for a puppy to sleep a lot, and they need this for healthy development. Once your puppy reaches 6 months old and you feel they need a longer walk or more physical exercise during the day you may want to consider transitioning them to a local dog walker. Some owners like to enrol their dogs to a “Doggy Daycare” Centre.

  • Zara does not train your puppy. The Puppy Care Service supports the basic training and socialisation that you are already setting out to achieve with your puppy. Your pup will get to practice the basic commands and other things you are teaching them whilst in Zara’s care. Zara can provide advice and suggestions for anything you are having difficulties with, but ultimately you will get the best results by attending training classes in your own time or contacting a professional dog trainer or behaviourist for specific issues. It is very important that you are extremely consistent with any training. Without consistency a pup is being set up to fail.

  • Zara is not a dog groomer. Please ensure that your puppy is clean and healthy. This includes trimming sharp nails, checking for fleas, and making sure they smell clean and fresh. Zara will however wash your puppy if they make a mess of themselves during her care, and also clean and sanitise their areas of any toilet accidents. Scroll down to find out about the “Full Puppy Pamper Session” Add-on Service!

  • Zara is also human and would very much appreciate a warm, comfortable house and facilities to make a cup of tea (or three).

Add-on Services

Full Puppy Pamper Session £15

This is a great Puppy Care Package add-on service to help your new pup learn to love being groomed* at home. Add it on as a weekly or occasional treat. The service includes:

  • A warm wash and full body massage using your puppy shampoo and a rubber kong brush perfect for working up a lather.

  • Towel drying or introduction to the hairdryer.

  • Introduction to nail clipping or the Dremel.

  • Full body brush.

  • Plenty of soothing praise and yummy treats for positive reinforcement.

* Zara is not a professional groomer, but is very patient, loving, caring and thorough. The Puppy Pamper Session provides extra support for your pup’s basic training and early socialisation, exposing them to new experiences. Zara practices all of the above with her own dog and cat at home. The pamper session will take place in your own home during Puppy Care hours, using your bathroom facilities. Please provide a towel and your choice of puppy shampoo, a hairdryer with low heat settings if your have one and any other grooming tools such as brushes. Don’t forget to leave out puppy treats for positive reinforcement! Zara will provide the massage brush, nail clippers, and Dremel for nail filing if required.





Get in touch via the form below, providing as much detail as you can about your puppy and where you live, and we can have a chat on the phone and arrange an initial meeting.

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